For picture book writers

If you are a budding author, someone who has a story tucked away and has never put on paper, or someone who has written for years:

Ruth now has a mentoring/coaching service for anyone who needs help either polishing a manuscript that is well on its way or making a very raw manuscript into something beautiful.

The unique services Ruth provides are analyzing the arc of your story, discovering the truth you are telling in your story, finding the language and voice to tell the story, and writing from an emotional core which provides your character depth and authenticity.

Yes!  That is vitally important in a picture book.

  • Email your manuscript to Ruth
  • Arrange a time to meet which is mutually agreeable
  • Meet on the phone or in person depending on our proximity to each other
  • Work until the manuscript is well on its way. 
  •  $50.00 per hour

Contact Ruth by texting 786-374-7606  Subject line – Mentoring Your Name

"Ruth is not only a dear friend, but her feedback on my manuscript was invaluable. She has an endearing way of making everyone feel welcome whether you are meeting with her one on one or in a group setting." 

Danielle Joseph

“Ruth can take any manuscript and infuse her unique insight to bring about magical transformation to its pages.”
Debbie Wanninkhof

“A true mentor guides you on your journey to a whole new world. Mrs.
Ruth Vander Zee's mentorship sweeps you off your feet on a magic
carpet ride, which is in my opinion, more powerful than being granted
3 wishes by a genie.”

Richard Ruffin

“Working with Ruth opened up a whole new world for me!  Not only does she know the craft of writing, she is able to communicate thought processes in a way that leads to understanding and growth.”

Bonnie Givens

"Being mentored by Ruth changed my writing Life! I was lost and she helped put me on the right path to Great Writing.

Will always be so grateful to her."

Elizabeth Nunez

"Working with Ruth on my personal project has been an inward journey full of twists and turns that I did not foresee happening. Ruth pushed me when I thought I had reached maximum potential, to where my finished product was more than I could have ever imagined. Ruth was also sensitive and understood that wounds were being opened that had been closed for quite some years. I recommend Ruth's services to anyone that is looking for an individual that has the ability to combine the concepts of effective writing with the personal message you want to convey"

C. Burkhalter