Woman Meets jesus

Woman Meets Jesus is a compilation of first-person stories of the women who encountered Jesus during his three-and-a-half-year ministry.  Their stories become every woman’s story when they meet the rule-breaking, lavish love of Jesus.  He saw beneath the surface, deep into the hearts of women, saw their possibilities and encouraged and empowered them.  When they responded to his love, they formed an unofficial community of women of faith – emotionally healed and spiritually healthy.  And without even knowing it, they used the gifts of the Spirit given to them and lived significant lives in the kingdom of God.

Each chapter contains a personal reflection, a first-person story of a woman in the Bible, and questions for discussion. 

This book is an excellent source for personal and small group study.

Ruth Vander Zee • author

Edenridge Press
ISBN 978-0-9827-0635-0

Responses to the Book:

Woman Meets Jesus takes my breath away.  Jesus’ compassion for women is as stunning today as it must have been 2,000 years ago.

Quentin Schultze, author of Communicating for Life and Here I Am

 Refreshingly real.  Every woman will find herself in these pages and be healthier for it. I hope…this book free(s) women in many ways – from past and present hurts, from living in bondage to religion and into living a grace-filled faith, and to encourage them to be honest.

Lis Van Harten  Director of Sustaining Pastoral and Congregational Excellence
of the Christian Reformed Church of NA

Woman Meets Jesus led me on a journey of discovering that I’m not as messy or unlovable as I think and that Jesus loves us unconditionally…I now have the courage to open that door in my heart and let Jesus in to help me continue to grow.

Sharon Molendyk  Bible Study leader

In the intimate and inventive chapters of Woman Meets Jesus, Ruth Vander Zee recreates the personal stories of the Biblical women whose encounters with Jesus, the unnerving rabbi from Nazareth, left their lives spiritually transformed. Written in the first-person, and in close counterpoint with the author’s reflections on her own life and spiritual journey, these self-told tales blend the timely with the timeless.  Woman Meets Jesus enlists both historical imagination and spiritual insight to create a series of portraits that do more than just embrace the Biblical woman; they also powerfully affirm the living Christ who makes all hearts restless till they rest in Him.”

Daniel Pals Professor of Religious Studies and History
Former Chair, Department of Religious Studies, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Miami

Responses To Ruth’s Presentations:

As Ruth was talking, I was SO FOCUSED.  I felt as if no one else was in the room. She brought God’s love for me to life… N.O.

Ruth has a natural and genuine way of telling stories, whether it be women of the Bible or her own stories in a fresh and thought-provoking way. B.A.

We gathered, women retired, women with babes in arms, women celebrating new sobriety.  With precious thought Ruth spoke directly from one woman’s heart to each one of ours.  S.V.